Enda Walsh’s ‘Rooms’ need space to grow

Playwright T. Cat Ford visited Enda Walsh’s “Rooms” at Irish Arts Center, and found the concept captivating, the execution less so.

Enda Walsh’s ‘Arlington’ leaves an aftertaste

Gwen Orel says “Arlington” repeats on her, like acid reflux. That’s probably what Enda Walsh had in mind.

All the world’s a cell: Phyllida Lloyd’s ‘The Tempest’ at St. Ann’s Warehouse

Gwen Orel: “The Tempest” at St. Ann’s Warehouse illuminates justice and redemption

‘The Last Hotel’: TripAdvisor would hate, but we love

Gwen Orel would give ‘The Last Hotel’ a bomb on TripAdvisor, but a rave as a piece of theater

Let The Right One In ~ Not to be missed ~ Even if you don’t like vampire stories

Though not a fan of the vampire genre, after seeing Let The Right One In, Philomena Connors thinks the underlying story is so strong that when the occasionally brutal acts occur, they are almost like a side dish to the main event.

misterman isn’t Everyman, but He Is One of Us: Theatre Review

(@Pavel Antonov) How It’s New York:  misterman is happening at St. Ann’s Warehouse, one of the coolest venues in the city, a Brooklyn spot that regularly brings in international work.  Usually filled with hipsters and artists, it attracts its loonies too (see story under this review about the very rude English woman behind me…) How It’s […]

Last Chance to see Black Watch in NYC!

The National Theatre of Scotland’s acclaimed production runs through this weekend. How It’s New York:  New Yorkers took it to heart when it first played here in 2007; it returns with a new cast of recruits.  It’s at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn and there’s no intermission and yet it regularly sells out, which demonstrates […]