New York/NJ dates 3/28 and 3/29!

Imelda May (Brian Lowe)

The Beacon Theater on NY may even be sold out– so don’t wait.  She’s at the State Theater in New Brunswick on Tuesday.

Had a lovely chat with Rockabilly idol Imelda May, who released her second album Mayhem abroad in October (it’s not out here, but you can get it on Amazon, and you should– it’s amazing!)  May is one funny, engaging lady too, and you’ll hear some of our chat on the second podcast, coming up soon soon soon.    And a video after the jump!  On her page  you can also hear more music from the NEW album and learn loads more about her including her favorite lipstick color– and favorite burlesque artists!

 This lady is huge in Ireland and Europe– among her awards are Best Female Artist at the 2010 Irish Tatler Awards, Best Festival Act from the Irish Festival Awards, Best Breakthrough Artist at the 2010 Classic Rock Awards.  She’s been on Graham Norton and Jools Holland, and played at the Grammy Awards last year with Jeff Beck!  In 2009 her first album Love Tattoo kicked Bruce Springsteen off the number one spot on the Irish album charts!

I met May in Glasgow at Celtic Connections last year, chatted with her backstage and saw her at the 02 ABC that night.  Here’s what I wrote about her in my Facebook notes then (you might have to friend me to read them there, so friend me!):

I never really enjoyed standing in clubs even when I WAS 20, but it wasn’t too awful– and this lady has a big, big voice. While she’s mainly rockabilly, she also channels Ella Fitzgerald, Dusty Springfield, and Billie Holliday (Fitzgerald and Holliday are heroes of hers). AND she writes her own songs too. AND the band were just amazing– particularly the trumpet player who I guess is Dave Priseman (at least that’s who it is on the album). But all were seriously chop-filled, including husband Darrel Higham on guitar.

 Much of that interview ended up in Time Out’s The Volume.  Here’s an excerpt (Read it all, and see her performance in TONY’s studio last year, here).

 She also said “Torch songs are great, but I like the ‘I will survives’ more than “Please come back to me.” I’m more of a stroppy, fiery Irishwoman.”

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