You know your eyes are too bleary from yesterday to read… listen instead!

This week: Michael Flatley reveals a favorite hangout near his Cork house ( so welcome stalkers); Marion Casey tells us the true significance of the color green and discusses the Ties that Bind exhibit at the New York Public Library of Performing Arts; Dan Neely talks about his singing debut with the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra, Kevin Crawford of Lunasa‘s still got no plans to sing, but will be at Highline on Monday, and Dr. Michelle Woods surprised herself by liking John Banville’s novel The Infinities! Also song of the week… All in 38 commute friendly minutes!

Here it is, folks. I taught myself Garageband in a day, so bear with some of the odder edits! (but some of them are beeeyoootiful). I can’t figure out how to fade the underscoring in and out — Garageband seems to only want to fade out whole entire ENDS. I do know better, and am thinking wistfully of turntables. Not that I want back the days when I had to splice with actual tape (remember those? KZSU Stanford, where I hosted the show “Wild and Beautiful.” And I am sure there has got to be a better way to move interviews around on the timeline than the analog slog way I was doing it. Help meeeeee….

Still, I had a ball, even when I was (literally) pulling my hair out! 5 great interviews, that run the gamut of International music, local (and great band), great New York exhibit, international star, and book review– we’ve got you covered.

TICKET GIVEAWAY: What is Sean Smyth of Lunasa’s day job? The first responder gets a pair of tix to the show at Highline on Monday!

Here’s that link to the podcast again! Pass it on! I’m on a quick learning curve so look for us on itunes oh by Sunday or so….

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