We spoke to Mike about the book (read Michelle Woods’ review) and you can hear him on this week’s podcast too– which will be up sometime this weekend (sue me, it’s Passover, I’m hungry and cranky.  More on that later…)

Hear are some upcoming dates to hear the man himself!  Note that Friday he’s at Paddy Reilly’s, the great music bar that celebrates its 25th anniversary on the 30th!  We also spoke to Larry Kirwan of Black 47 and Paddy Reilly’s Steve Duggan about the event, check the podcast for them as well.

Fri 4/22 Paddy Reilly’s, Rock and Read with The Prodigals, time TBD (9-ish?)

Tue 4/26 New York Public Library, Woodlawn, NY 5:30 PM

Sat. 5/7 Belmar Public Library, afternoon time TBD Rock and Read event with Beannacht! 

Mike Farragher is this New Jersey son of Erin with the insight of the Druids, the perspective of a high king and the pen of a major poet. He’s a rebel, a poet and a trailblazer.
—Niall  O’Dowd
Founder, Irish Voice newspaper and
“I thought I was the only one who had a mother who would get me out of bed on a Sunday morning by screeching, ‘I’m sure the Lord Jesus Christ didn’t want to get up the day he died for your sins,’ but I was wrong,” he says. “I got e-mails, Facebook posts, and letters to the editor by the dozens from Irish-Americans in my age bracket telling me that I was writing about their lives as well.”

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