You’ve still got this weekend to get into some tartan for tartan day– so say Frank McGreal, who’s supervising the Tartan Day Parade on Saturday (and also serves on board of Directors for St. Patrick’s Day Parade!).  Margaret Kennedy and Leslie Denninger describe the 10K run in kilts on Sunday.  Aidan Connolly of the Irish Arts Center talks about the Masters in Collaboration project– the fifth one, coming up April 15-17, featuring Cherish the Ladies’ Joanie Madden and Sean Nós singer and accordion player Séamus Begley (and we chat with them as well).  Joanie’s a great talker, Séamus says, so she should be able to sing too…Michelle Woods sees an indictment of Irish complicity lurking in the humor of Skippy Dies, but harshes on Joseph O’Connor’s Ghost Light.  And Matt Cranitch talks playing by ear but bowing using the arm– and musical notation, especially in teaching.  And he also proselytizes, just a little, for Sliabh Lucra.  he’ll be teaching some master classes in Middletown, New Jersey on April 17th.  And the track of the week!

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