How It’s New York:  The Drama Desk is a New York based organization of critics, which honors not just Broadway but all New York theatre with its own awards (created in 1955).  They also present worthwhile talks, panels and event.
How It’s Irish:  Joanna Tope is Scottish, and so is the company, Random Accomplice.  They came over as part of Tartan Week in New York.

Congratulations to Joanna Tope for her nomination for Outstanding Solo Performance by the Drama Desk, for her work in The Promise, presented by the Scottish Company Random Accomplice.  The Awards Ceremony will be held on May 23.

We had mixed feelings about the play, as you can see in our review, but liked her work:

Maggie is a wonderful creation and for much of the play she fascinates.  Tope dares to be unlikeable and crude, as she tells us about meetings with a headmaster she despises (who also happens to be Scottish), and imitates  English community leaders…. Tope’s performance sears itself on the memory…

 and we also thought director Johnny McKnight did a good job with the play (and he was a fascinating interview on the April 8 podcst).

You can read the rest of the nominations here.

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