How it’s New York:  The dancers held the press day at the Irish Arts Center, one of New York’s most fab venues for culture! Many journalists at once and press events– also a very NY thing!
How it’s Irish:  The documentary Jig is about the 2010 World Championship for Irish dance!

Julia O’Rourke gets ready for her close-up with TV News

Have you seen the  Jig yet?  It’s a unique view of the hard work dancers go to when they compete in the world championships.  Think the dancers are all Irish descent?  Well think again– the documentary by Sue Bourne takes us from Long Island to Holland to Russia, along with Ireland of course.  I interviewed Sue, dancers Joe Bitter and Julia O’Rourke, and Julia’s teacher Lisa Petri for this week’s podcast.  And check out our review of the film!  If you haven’t seen it and it’s not around, do go to the film’s website and request it to come to your town!
161 people in Cleveland has asked for it, will you let Cleveland top you?

Here is some video I took on the day as the young dancers went blithely from interview to interview, energy never flagging.   Enjoy!

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