How It’s New York:  The gig is at Connolly’s Klub 45 off Times square, a classic fun place to hear music in the city (I’ve seen the High Kings, Screaming Orphans, London Lasses and Biblecode Sundays there, among others).  The Moonshiners are from Staten Island, and Barleyjuice, though Philadelphia-based, often play in NYC.  In fact, after hearing them at a pub on Tartan Day a few years back, Books editor Michelle Woods and her fiance Michael Reisman chose to hire them for their wedding.
How It’s Irish:  They play Irish-American and Scottish-American rock and roll, including rock versions of classic pub tunes like “All For Me Grog.”  (my personal favorite from Barleyjuice!)

Barleyjuice consists of Kyf Brewer, Keith Swanson, Eric Worthington, Gregor Schroeder and Shelley Weiss. Formed in 1998, have released five albums and a two-CD collection, and their hard-driving and very funny song “Weekend Irish” was featured on The Office last year (“Beware the Weekend Irish,” is the chorus.  Gotta love it). and King of the Hill used their “Jig Set” in a St. Patrick’s Day episode, Dennis from Celtic Meet-up Group (are you a member yet?) tells us.  The Irish Voice named 2010’s Skulduggery Street “Best New Album.”

The Moonshiners, who play a mix of originals and covers, have moved some people around.  The band consists of Sean McNally  on lead vocals,  Meredith Rachel on fiddle, Joe O’Brien (keys), Bobby Moller (drums), Rich Shields (bass), Frank Banafato (guitar) and Tommy Burns (accordion and guitar)Kyf Brewer of Barleyjuice used to play with two of the Moonshiners  (Joe O’Brien on keyboards and Bobby Moller on drums) in The Flailin’ Shillelaghs.  So there should be some interesting banter.  The Moonshiners realeased their deubt CD “The Boys and Girls in Blue,” with a title track dedicated to the NYPD.  I’m down with that!

 Anita Daly is promoting this event; she’s gotten business awards from the Irish Echo and the Irish Voice and an announcement from her always means something great  (Black 47, Irish Tenors, Emma Kate Tobia are just some of the bands she reps).

Connolly’s Klub 45, 3rd Floor; 121 W. 45th St., doors at 7.  212-597-5126

Gwen Orel
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