How It’s New York:  This is such typical New York frenzy– not one but at least four events to choose from tonight, fundraisers, plays, dance.
How It’s Irish: I think there will be much chat and fun to be had, not always the case for fundraisers; I also think there will be some event hopping.  Of course, all of the events have Irish components and players!

Still catching up from a fun-packed, tune-soaked, sleep-deprived week in the Catskills for Catskills Irish Arts Week.  The city didn’t sleep while I was away and is wide awake now.  While I wouldn’t normally lump three disparate activities into one post, it’s the only way to catch up!  Your choices tonight:

1.  The BNTA Fundraiser to support Reflections, which will appear in the 1st Irish Festival in September.  The type is way too small to read in the postcard at right so to summarize:
7 until Midnight, at Characters NYC Bar and Lounge (243 W. 54th St), support Jennifer Johnston’s Twinkletoes and Bernard McMullen’s Forgotten Milk. 
  “One story, two women, twenty years apart.,” in Northern Ireland before and after.  Raffle prizes include Broadway tickets to Spiderman  and others!  
2.  The Irish-American Fundraiser, which includes music by Irish musician, new to New York, Eric McGrath. 
6:30-9:30, The Dubliner, 45 Stone St.  Live auction, open bar, good causes!  Philanthropy AND fun!
3.  Dermot Bolger’s play The Parting Glass at Barrow Street (27 Barrow st., at 7th, just South Christopher St), having a quick two week run (I reviewed it for Back Stage when it was here last year; and we’ll be putting that up and also a new NYIA review later)  It’s a sequel of sorts to his In High Germany:

…set on the night Thierry Henry’s left hand dashed Ireland’s World Cup dreams. It is about the return of a man to the land of his youth, to witness the Celtic Tiger turn to ashes, to say goodbye to his past and find hope in his future.

4.  Imelda May  at the Mercury Lounge, 217 E. Houston Street, 7:15.  Her new album Mayhem was just officially released; I heard it back in March, when we had her on the podcast in April.  It rocks out!  She’s also at Summerstage next week with Wanda Jackson. I adore this album and will get the review up soon!
4.  Niall O’Leary’s dance trad session at Paddy Reilly’s.  OK, that happens every Thursday, but have you made it out there yet?  I haven’t, and it sounds a party– live music and dance, and depending on the crowd, late night craic.  10:30 on. 

How to choose? Do you have to?

Gwen Orel
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The only New York journalist who writes for both the Forward and Irish Music Magazine.