How It’s New York:  New York has some great sessions going, one or two nearly every day.  The Saturday session at Lillie‘s is always a nice one, organized by Dan Neely of the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra.  Sometimes it’s crowded there, but on yesterday’s hot July day it was a small, fine session.  Among the players were Donie Carroll, Tony Horswill, Linda Mason Hood, Cathy Horberger.
How It’s Irish:  The music of course, and there are usually few players visiting from Ireland.  Yesterday’s visitor was Máirtín de Cógáin, who’s also going to be teaching in the Catskills this week (see “How It’s New York”).

I first met Máirtín at the launch of his CD with Jimmy Crowley, Captin Mackey’s Goatskin and String Band.  There was food downstairs at the Glucksman Ireland House and Máirtín said “come in, lads, come in lads.”  I was all “I am a girl!” and had to have it explained that “lads” is Cork for “guys.”  That, I understood, being not just a girl but a Jersey girl.

Máirtín has a new album out, From Cork With Love, he Máirtín de Cógáin project (get it on Amazon or here).  features his song and storytelling and it’s lots of fun!  Watch this space for a review.

Here’s what Dan wrote about Máirtín this week.  It’s worth being on Dan’s mailing list just to read his colorful and inventive announcements, often as full of blarney as info.  Contact him here.

My guest this week is singer, storyteller and bodhran player Máirtín de Cógáin!  Máirtín grew up in Ca-aark, where he wore out his mother’s carpet with his jigging and his highfalutin fandangos as a kid before making it big in a picture with Cillian Murphy called the Wind That Shakes the Barley. (Click here for a film still – Máirtín’s leading the pack with a rifle and some rugged good looks.)  He got older, decided to make his way to Amerikay and began gigging with the likes of Jimmy Crowley and the Fuchsia Band.  Most recently, he’s devised an improved method for transporting bodhrans and will be teaching up in the Catskills next week.  Plus, he’s coming back to Lillie’s!

 And here’s a little taste:

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