Watch the Rose of Tralee!


How It’s New York:  Watching something from home in a bar– such a New York thing to do!  Whether home is Ireland, Australia, Israel, China.
How It’s Irish:  The Rose of Tralee Festival has been running since 1939, and brings young women of Irish descent to County Kerry for a “global celebration of Irish culture,” including the Rose Parade.
 Want to watch the Rose of Tralee, but you’re in New York?  The only place to see it live is Slattery’s Midtown, 8 East 36th Street!

Caitlin McNeill

On their Facebook Page, they write:

 Join us this Monday and Tuesday from 3pm till 6 pm to watch the Rose of Tralee festival live. The only Bar in New York that has coverage of this event
Happy hour all day
Event shown live with sound at the upstairs bar

Best of luck to all Involved
Erin Loughran NY Rose of Tralee
Caitlin McNeill Big Apple Rose of Tralee
And William Lee Escort
Erin Loughran

I’ll admit I really don’t know much about the Rose of Tralee Festival, but judging from the rather acrimonious comments on my little post here; it’s a competition that matters to a lot of you!  So go along and have a pint, meet some pals, and watch the event!  No matter who is representing the city, state, or Feis, all the ladies are beautiful and worthy of a toast in their names.

Now BigAppleRose also has a Facebook page, and posted this:

Thanks Justin, Your the best!!!! All of New York and the Tri State can go down to Slattery”s Midtown to cheer on their favorite Rose with all of us here in Tralee……….. All of the Roses are Great… we do have our special Big Apple Rose and Escort and they are having the time of their life. Hats off to all that organized this international event. Best of luck to all the Lucky Roses that made it this far. We are so happy to have the 1st Big Apple Rose and Escort and now you are the 1st to have it available for all to view, so I hope all of NY comes out to enjoy two great nights of spectacular entertainment and cheer their Special Rose…………….. on Mon. the 22nd and Tues. the 23rd….

Gwen Orel
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