Samuel Beckett and the Mets


How It’s New York: it’s the Mets!
How It’s Irish: it’s Samuel Beckett!

Who knew that Beckett was a Mets fan?

His biographer James Knowlton, that’s who.

This is via Michael Reisman, joining me, my brother Stephen, my friend T. cat, and NYIA blogger Lucy Healy-Kelly and the New York Irish Music meetup group at the makeup of Irish heritage day that got cancelled by Hurricane Irene! We get green t shirts but the rest of the Heritage is another day…

Let’s go Mets!

In 1964 — on his only trip to America — Beckett saw both games of a doubleheader at Shea with a guy named Seaver. As Casey said, you could look it up!

… One of the high spots was a visit with (Dick) Seaver to a baseball game on July 31. It was a double-header, the Mets playing at Shea Stadium. The Mets, surprisingly for a young Expansion team, won both games, Beckett remarking that he should come to see them more often. Seaver explained the rules and commented from time to time on what was happening. Soon no explanations were required, as Beckett followed the game with unfeigned interest and understanding. In the middle of the second game, Seaver turned to him and asked, “Would you like to go now?”. “Is the game over then?” queried Beckett. “Not yet,” replied Seaver. “We don’t want to go then before it’s finished,” said Beckett, settling back into his seat for the remainder of the long evening.

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