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Martha Wainwright, Glen Hansard (Jacob Blickenstaff)

 Unfortunately, the videos previously posted in this blog have had to be removed as they were done without permission.  HOWEVER, I AM ASSURED THERE WILL BE OFFICIAL CLIPS, and as soon as they are out I will share them with you!  Meanwhile do check out the review just posted here!

How It’s New York:    The event was at Le Poisson Rouge, and to get a chair you had to be there well before the doors opened.  I was– and got a seat right down front.  On hand were critics from all of the Irish papers (Paul Keating from Irish Voice, Earle Hitchner from Irish Echo, Brian O’Donovan from WGBH Boston down for the event), Culture Ireland (Eugene Downes and co), Tourism Ireland (Tina Moran and co), and New York based musicians like Mick Moloney and Christy McNamara— and random fans, like the young girl who was a fan of Glen Hansard who had no idea the shows were long sold out, got in line, and got a returned ticket.  It pays to come early! Some I knew, some I didn’t, but I’m a fan of Thomas Bartlett and Doveman now (so I’ll be back at Le Poisson Rouge) and thought hearing Martin Hayes play with a clarinet and piano was sort of amazing.  Good stuff all around.
How It’s Irish:  What a blend of Irish musicians and literature, and Irish-American music and literature, and what mighty, mighty craic.  Why make distinctions between the Irish rock of Bell X1 and the American purity of Sam Amidon’s voice and fiddle?  It all melded togehter. It was pure delight, and it had, as producer Philip King said it would, the feel of a seisún.

Gabriel Byrne (Jacob Blickenstaff)

I’ll be writing a proper review for Irish Examiner, so watch for that!  I also got some on the spot and ahead of time interviews.  I meant to catch up with the musicians last night because I was too shy to run up to Glen Hansard, but transportation was not my friend (I was out at Irish Rep’s Dancing at Lughnasa, watch for that review here too).  I didn’t take any video myself, because it was all being filmed for television, but  these youtube videos from capnkoons (thank you!) give you a sense of what it was.  Check out his channel! As I write this he’s uploading a video from Laurie Anderson (who was there on the 28th!).

The night I went Martin Hayes stopped the show.  Just stopped it.  Cold.  We were still shrieking when Gabriel Byrne came onstage.  You can watch that here, but thought you’d like to see this one, wwith Gabriel Byrne reading “Sally Gardens” as an intro.  In the picture at left, I think he’s reading the poem/story about his early days in acting, which was just hilarious.  As a former AEA stage manager, I recognized the elements all too well (the heckling audience, the show that makes no sense).  Roddy Doyle apparentlly also began a career as a school teacher… do I feel a theme coming on?

On the 27th I was right in front.  You can’t see me as the cameras were always literally right in front of me (poking me sometimes) or behind me, but I was there!
I wish I had recorded Sam Amidon singing a version of “Pretty Saro” that I found really quite sublime, but I did get him singing “Streets of Derry,” so maybe I’ll upload.  What a night! 

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