Matt Cranitch and Jackie Daly, Furlong’s Pub, 2010

How It’s New York:  This is a benefit for Tom Furlong, and Furlong’s Pub was simply synonymous with the Catskills hooley for years.  Two summers ago I stayed across the way from Furlong’s and left early– 3 am.  When I got up for my class with Liz Carroll at 8  the next morning, the same session was going strong.  The benefit takes place in Yonkers, a great source of music for loads of New Yorkers n the city, and it’s accessible easily from New York.
How It’s Irish:  The music will be Irish, loads of the people going there will be Irish and Irish-American, and it takes place at the Kerry Hall.  Some terrific Irish musicians who would go to CIAW made Furlongs a second home– I’m looking at you Matt Cranitch and Jackie Daly.  I remember how Tom introduced them, saying that, at a final session Sunday morning two years ago, with tears in his eyes.  Let’s get him well as soon as possible and play some tunes for him.

This info is from Paul Keating, who runs Catskills Irish Arts Week and writes for the Irish Voice.  If you can’t make the benefit, they’ll take donations– apologies for getting this up too late to buy raffle tickets by mail, but I bet if you call they’ll figure something out.

Want to help out the GAA committee friends of Tom Furlong (County Offaly Footballer) who along with his wife Yvonne operated Furlongs’ Pub in East Durham until last year when he suffered a debilitating stroke last January (a year ago) who have organized a benefit for next Sunday, January 22, 2012 from 2 to 20 pm. It takes place at the Kerry Hall in Yonkers (305 McLean Avenue).  Music will be provided by Tara Gold, Martin Melody and others. Raffle tickets are available and for more information contact Peter Nolan the Chairman of the Benefit at 516-742-4729.

For 24 years Tom and Yvonne ran the popular Catskills pub and INN on Route 145 in East Durham until illness forced them to shut it down last year.  Tom will be remembered for his football skills for his County Offaly and New York clubs who retired from the MTA in New York City.  The pair have been involved in many benefits over the years and greatly need the support of the Irish community now.

A benefit to defray medical expenses for Tom Furlong will be held January 22nd, 2012 in the Kerry Hall. Tom suffered a major stroke last year and is in need of extensive physical therapy and ongoing medical care.
Tom is well known as the former All-Star footballer for his native Co. Offaly in Ireland. However, he is best remembered here in New York as one of the stars of the New York All-Star team that beat the great Galway team, winners of three All-Ireland’s in a row, in the 1967 National League Final in Gaelic Park. A committee of Tom’s former teammates, along with The Offaly Association, The Offaly Hurling Club, and his friends from East Durham, Boston and Boynton Beach, Florida, has come together for this worthy cause.
A raffle is being held in conjunction with the benefit with winners to be drawn at the event. Pat O’Donnell, of the Kerry Hall, is in charge of music on the day. Tickets are available from any member of the committee. 
Donations can be mailed to:

The Kerry Hall    305 McLean Avenue Yonkers, NY 10705

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