How It’s New York: The venue is Irving Plaza, one of NY’s most popular concert venues (tickets for Mar. 16 here!)
How It’s Irish: Duh… Saw Doctors

 Annie D. reviews the Saw Doctors at Irving Plaza on March 10th…and finds “passion, intensity and fun!”
Catch them on March 16 at Irving Plaza,  in NJ on St. Patrick’s Day, in Connecticut the day after!
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I Useta Love Them… and 20 years on, I still do. In town to promote their latest album, The Further Adventures of the Saw Doctors, and as part of their biggest ever U.S. and Canada tour, the Saw Doctors performed a sell-out concert at New York’s Irving Plaza, on Saturday, March 10, 2012.
From the get-go, the band had the audience animated with their distinctive melodies and down-home signature lyrics, a celebration and lamentation of their Irish Catholic agrarian upbringing. 
 The set list opened up with “Exhilarating Sadness,” followed by “Tommy K” and then, their newest single, “Downtown,” a revival of Petula Clark’s hit from the ‘60s that earned them the number two slot in the Irish charts, in December 2011; with its catchy chorus, the crowd was crooning along in no time. A generous helping from their flavorsome new album included, among others, “Hazard,” “Friday Town,” and “Last Call.”  

There were, of course, the old favorites that never fail to rouse, such as “Michael D Rocking in the Dáil,” an endorsement of Ireland’s current President, “N17,” the lament of an Irish emigrant longing to be driving on the N17 national route, and the irreverent confession of “Bless Me Father:”
“Oh Bless me father for I have sinned
She had big brown eyes, silky skin
Bless me Father, I couldn’t resist.

Oh Father, you have no idea what you’ve missed.”
Also featured were nostalgic classics, “The Green and Red of Mayo,” and “Clare Island,” to which bassist Anthony Thistlethwaite contributed a rousing sax solo — one of the highlights of the show.
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Aside from their musical talent, it’s the group’s likeability factor that draws the loyal following – during the concert, devotees are frequently hailed in the crowd with a cheery wave or a thumbs up. The chemistry between the band members and the onstage craic is as contagious as a case of the teenage giggles at Mass. And when the congregation prayed for more, they got it… During the 20-minute encore, the crowd hushed as Davy Carton led an a cappella version of “Red Cortina” then, boisterously raised the roof to “I Useta Love Her.” “Hay Wrap” had them chanting “hay, hay!” while Carton’s fist pumped the air, prompting them along like a rhythmic pitchfork.
If you like a healthy dose of passion, intensity and fun with your music, get yourself to Irving Plaza this Friday night; these are the doctors to administer it. 
The Saw Doctors: Singer/guitarist Leo Moran and singer/guitarist Davy Carton; bassist/saxophonist Anthony Thistlethwaite; keyboard player/guitarist/backing vocalist Kevin Duffy; and joining the lineup, the band’s new drummer, Rickie O’Neill, who didn’t miss an energetic beat. (Notwithstanding, the form-fitting red jeans worn by Moran, which deserve recognition all of their own!)
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