Party at the Scratcher (Courtesy of Whiskeyglass)

How its New York: The  Tribeca Film Festival, established in New York in 2002, and running this spring from April 18-29.
How its Irish:
Irish Film New York (IFNY)
was established by director Niall McKay to bring the best of contemporary Irish film making to New York City.

Last Thursday night, April 19, patrons of The Scratcher Bar Cafe in the East Village were spilling onto the streets as part of Irish Film New York’s Tribeca Film Festival launch in celebration of six Irish films in the annual New York festival. Led by Niall McKay with Nuala Mellett, the night was relaxed and social, with members from the Irish artistic community from George Heslin of Origin Theatre to men and women connected to the films, including director Macdara Vallely, who arrived with a baby buggy in tow (minus the baby), in celebration of his film Babygirl screening later that evening at AMC Loews Village 7.

Nuala Mellett, Pauline Turley, Niall McKay, George Heslin
The cast of “Babygirl”

Though many shows have sold out, you can always rush for any of the following six Irish films, playing only through this weekend. Check listings at Tribeca Film Festival. descriptions below borrowed from Irish Film New York- our post with links for tickets is here!

Macdara Vallely’s film BABYGIRL is an unassuming coming of age story about the relationship between a teenaged girl and her single mother living in the Bronx.

Ian Fitzgibbon’s DEATH OF A SUPERHERO explores a talented teenaged artist’s retreat into a fantasty world after he is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Oscar winner Terry George’s new feature film, WHOLE LOTTA SOLE, is a madcamp crime comedy set in Belfast and featuring Brendan Fraser.

Two award-winning shorts by Irish directors were also in the festival. Cathal Burke’s SCREENSHOT is a tale of online romance and betryal, while Lorcan Finnegan’s FOXES is a story of obsession and alienation.

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