Courtesy of the Irish Arts Center
How it’s New York: The free, outdoor festival is located at Riverside Park South on Pier I at W 68th
Street  – one of the city’s best waterfront parks.
How it’s Irish: The festival features virtuosic displays of one of Ireland’s most recognizable cultural exports – Irish step dance!

Dancer Darrah Carr of Mod-Erin encourages us to check out RIVERSIDEDANCE, a festival of Irish Dance in New York City on Sunday, May 6!

Long before Riverdancegave Irish dance the global spotlight, competitive Irish dance had evolved into an astonishing art/sport.  The NewYork City Irish Dance Festival on Sunday, May 6th, provides a rare opportunity for step dancers to gather in a non-competitive environment for a day of performances, workshops, and dance jams. The brainchild of veteran Irish dancer Niall O’Leary, the festival is presented by the Irish Arts Center and is currently in its eleventh year.  O’Leary, who serves as the festival’s Artistic Director, says,

The festival was envisioned as a celebration of Irish Dance in New York City, featuring high-intensity performances by some of the great Irish dancers of our time from New York City and beyond. Celebrating purity, tradition, diversity, rhythm, syncopation and a myriad of styles, the festival continues to showcase and juxtapose the best of the older dances with the latest Irish dance trends, and it succeeds in getting people out on the dance floor to enjoy themselves.”


This year’s stellar lineup features high-energy performances by a mixture of professional companies and top local dance schools including:  Donny Golden Dancers, Niall O’Leary Dance Troupe, Darrah Carr Dance, Niall O’Leary School of Irish Dance, Hagen School of Irish Dance, and Keltic Dreams

The dancers will be accompanied by well-known Irish traditional musicians Conor McGuirk, Martin O’Connell and special guest Liz Hanley.  There will be lively dance classes for children and adults, as well as informal dance jams.  Everyone is invited to learn a few fun steps in order to join in the day’s closing ceili!  Additional highlights include: Irish language classes, a singing circle, children’s face painting, and Irish craft vendors. 

Don’t miss the chance to kick-off the Summer with some truly high stepping!

New York City Irish Dance Festival
Sunday, May 6th from 1-8pm
Free and open to all
Riverside Park South, Pier I at W 68th Street 

1:00pm Niall O’Leary School Performance
1:30pm   Learn a few traditional steps!
Everyone out on the dance floor
All ages, group dancing  
2:00pm Keltic Dreams Performance
2:30pm Niall O’Leary Fun Dance
Everyone out on the dance floor
All ages, group dancing
3:15pm Darrah Carr Dance Performance
3:45pm Donny Golden Dancers Performance
4:15pm Donny Golden Fun Dance 
Everyone out on the dance floor
All ages, group dancing
5:00pm Hagen School of Irish Dance Performance
5:30pm Panel Discussion:
“Keeping The Tradition Alive”
6:00pm Niall O’Leary Irish Dance Troupe Performance
6:30-8:00pm Evening End Céilí for All!
Live Music from Martin O’Connell and Friends

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