How It’s New York:  Fiddler Dana Lyn is based in NY, and Yeti Camp is happening tonight at IBeam Brooklyn.

How It’s Irish: Dana also plays with the Green Fields of America with Mick Moloney, among others. In November she released the fab album The Hare Said a Prayer to the Rainbow and Followed the Fox Down the Hole with Kyle Sanna!

“the first yeti sighting since january is rumored to happen this friday at iBeam 168 7th St between 2nd and 3rd Ave, in Brooklyn
at 10 ish….”

Dana writes (she doesn’t like caps):

please come join us ! yeti sightings don’t happen all that often…

envision a Venn diagram (two circles overlapping slightly):

first circle:
yoon choi (vox/toy piano)
jacob sacks (melodica)
khabu young (uke)

the overlap:
mike mcginnis (clarinets)
vinnie sperrazza (drums)

second circle:
dana lyn (compositional duty and violin)
clara kennedy (cello)
jon goldberger (guitar)

Yoon Choi’s e-string band is at 9 p.m., and Dana Lyn’s yeti camp is at 10.  Sounds like a circle all its own to me!

Gwen Orel
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The only New York journalist who writes for both the Forward and Irish Music Magazine.