L.E. McCullough plays at the opening of the exhibit
How It’s New York: Recognize some of the names in the WaterElemental Crafts & Fine Art exhibit of artists who are musicians in Lansdale, PA? Thought you would: Iris Nevins, of the Irish American Association of Northwest Jersey; New York flute player Linda Hickman, and many others…
How It’s Irish: Many of the musicians  play traditional Irish music, and the exhibit opened with an Irish music concert– with L.E. McCullough playing!
L.E. McCullough praises a Pennsylvania exhibit showcasing musicians who are artists and wonders when there will be a similar event in NYC….


“The greatest scientists are artists as well.”  — Albert Einstein
pictures below are from Irish
Ellen Tepper Knot Window

Yes, THAT Einstein — who, when taking the occasional break from attempting to explain the universe, worked out regularly on piano and violin. And manintained that the best scientific eureka! moments come from intuition and inspiration provided by Art.

A new exhibit at WaterElemental Crafts & Fine Art in Lansdale, PA displays the visual art talents of several Irish traditional musicians well-known to East Coast audiences.
“Music & Art: Artists That Are Musicians” runs through Aug. 26 and features an upcoming Aug. 3 open ITM session from 7-9 p.m. led by harpist/guitarist Iris Nevins and harpist Ellen Tepper.
Jewelry by John Brennan

Participating exhibit artists are Donna Long, Pat Egan, Ellen Tepper, Iris Nevins, John Brennan, Linda Hickman, Lillie Hardy Morris, Ray Frick and Paul Tooley. Bette Conway, gallery co-owner, wasn’t formally exhibiting, but you can see her jewelry and postcard collection of vintage traditional musicians as well.

The July 6 Opening Night gala took place as part of Lansdale’s monthly First Fridayfestivities, a downtown-wide event with art and music spilling from shops onto the streets.
Judy Brennan, John Brennan, and L.E. McCullough

As patrons wandered into the gallery, they were greeted by Irish music variously performed by John Brennan (fiddle), Donna Long (fiddle, piano), Pat Egan (guitar, vocals), Bette Conway (fiddle), George Fairchild (bodhran), Judy Brennan (piano), Ellen Tepper (harp), Tim Hill(uilleann pipes), Bob Hendren (guitar) and L.E. McCullough (tinwhistle, flute, harmonica).

See more photos here.
The Aug. 3 music night at Water Elemental Crafts will also be part of the First Friday series.
Rings by Irish Nevins

Seems like someone should organize a similar event in New York that explores the heretofore unfathomed right-brain depths of the local ITM community.

Besides Iris Nevins and Linda Hickman, three Irish musician/artists that come quickly to mind include Christy McNamara (concertina/accordion/photography), Meredith Bogacz (fiddle/sculpture/drawing) and Sebastian McLaughlin(banjo/painting/graphic design) … there certainly must be a dozen others, easy.

Editor’s note: Know anybody? Let’s do it!

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L.E. McCULLOUGH ( is a musician, composer and playwright who has been performing and teaching traditional Irish music on tinwhistle and flute since 1972, authoring The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Tutor, Favorite Irish Session Tunes, The AMIC Music Industry Guide, St. Patrick Was a Cajun and the instructional video Learn to Play Irish Tinwhistle. He has composed filmscores for three PBS specials produced by WQED-TV (Alone Together, A Place Just Right, John Kane) and three Celtic Ballets co-composed with T.H. Gillespie and Cathy Morris (Connlaoi’s Tale: The Woman Who Danced On Waves, The Healing Cup: Guinevere Seeks the Grail, Skin Walkers: The Incredible Voyage of Mal the Lotus Eater). He has recorded on 49 albums, with Irish, French, Cajun, Latin, blues, jazz, country, bluegrass and rock ensembles for Angel/EMI, Sony Classical, RCA, Warner Brothers, Kicking Mule, Rounder, Bluezette and others — including scores for the Ken Burns PBS television series The West, Lewis and Clark, The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, The Dust Bowl, The Roosevelts and the Warner Bros. film Michael Collins. His recent playwriting commissions include works on World War II journalist Ernie Pyle, 1920s jazz artist Charlie Davis, corporate patriarch Eli Lilly, Catholic activist Dorothy Day, singer-heiress Libby Holman and, for the National Constitution Center, a play on the U.S. Constitution.

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