Susan McKeown at SongLives  in March
How It’s New York: Susan McKeown lives and works in NY, and has become a real force here. She created and curated the SongLives series at Irish Arts Center (see this overview, and hear Susan on this podcast!).
How It’s Irish: Susan is from Ireland and is working with some terrific Irish music on her new CD Stars & Stripes.

At Susan’s  Pledgemusic page you can purchase the album in advance or up your pledge to give her extra help and receive some  great rewards in return.  She tells us that “Most of the recording is done; the funding will pay for the mixing, mastering and pressing of the album.”

The campaign closes Monday 16 July.

Susan McKeown is wrapping up a campaign to raise finds to finish her new album. Tentatively titled Stars &Stripes  it features songs written by McKeown and recorded with some wonderful musicians : Brendan O’Shea, Ryan McGiver, Aidan Brennan, Eamon O’Leary, Jason Sypher, Lindsey Horner, Erik Della Penna, Allison Miller, Shahzad Ismaily, Doug Wieselman…and many more.
We caught up with Susan and asked her a few questions about the coming CD.

NYIA: Why is the new CD so American sounding?
SUSAN:I’m just hearing songs that way – I’ve been here long enough and I love roots music.
They’re mostly love songs – or at least, about relationships.

NYIA: How long have you been working on it?
SUSAN: Two of the songs were written in the 90s, four are from the last six months.

NYIA: Are they all original songs?

NYIA: Are any of the songs  particularly close to you?
SUSAN: Well, probably the most recently written ones – “Stars &Stripes” and “On the Bridge to Williamsburg.”

Here’s the video to “No Jericho,” filmed by Niall McKay

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