Oscar Wilde In New York


How It’s New York: It’s a guided walking tour of New York where Oscar Wilde spent more time  than anywhere else on his lecture tour of America in 1882.

How It’s IrishOscar was a celebrated Irish poet, dramatist and wit. 


Take a leafy stroll through Madison Square Park, Gramercy Park, and Greenwich Village to trace Oscar Wilde’s debut in the social and literary world.

Based on original and unique research into Wilde and his circle in the New York of the gilded age, see how Wilde was influenced by the aesthetic movement of the period, and how, in turn, he influenced the society of today. Learn about the times of this fascinating personality whose self-styled genius is as relevant today as it was when he arrived.

These tours will appeal not only to anyone who wants a literary and historical tour of the city, but they are detailed enough to inform even the Wilde scholar.

The tour features:

  • houses and clubs that Wilde visited
  • extant buildings and places Wilde knew
  • exhibits of Wilde’s letters
  • exhibits of period photographs
  • play-readings
  • ..and a happy social gathering. Sláinte.

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