How It’s New York: Irish songstress Susan McKeown lives on the lower East Side. She curates the SongLives series at Irish Arts Center, too. (Hear her discuss that on this podcast).
How It’s Irish: Susan is originally from Ireland, and her Irish way with melody infuses this lovely album. Brendan O’Shea sings on it.

We’ll have a full review of Susan’s lovely new CD, Belong, soon. Meanwhile though here’s just a newsflash to let you know it’s streaming free today on AOL Music, through Monday:

A while back Susan told us a little bit about the CD as she was making it. It reflects her time in America, she said. Originally, she was going to call the CD Stars and Stripes, which is the name of one of the songs on it.

The CD is available now on Susan’s site, and on iTunes.

Recently Susan did a show at The Living Room: a Nor’Easter kept me from attending (we had 6 inches of snow in New Jersey!) but she did put up a video of a performance of a song from the CD, “Everything We Had was Good.” She is singing with James Maddock, who also performs on the CD.

Susan McKeown with James Maddock performing “Everything We Had Was Good,” from her new album Belong at The Living Room.

With Brendan O’Shea, Erik Della Penna, Justin Carroll, Jason Sypher and Mason Ingram.

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