Congratulations Dan Neely!


How It’s New York: The Irish Echo is a New York-based paper, and Dan Neely, who writes the trad music column for them, also runs the Saturday session at Lillie’s, among his other good works in town.

How It’s Irish: “40 Under 40” refers to people who are movers and shakers in the Irish-American world over here.

Congratulations to Dan Neely, who is nominated as one of the Irish Echo’s “40 Under 40” 2013. The dinner  will be at The Manhattan Club at Rosie O’Grady’s  on Thursday, Feb. 21, and tickets are already sold out.

Dan hopes the banquet will be a lot like the medal scene at the end of the original Star Wars,

Without the Wookies. 

Here’s hoping, Dan!

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