How It’s New York: Luka Bloom used to live in NY and play at The Red Lion.
How It’s Irish: Luka is Irish, and often writes about Irish subjects.

Here’s the latest video off of Luke Bloom’s transcendant CD This New Morning.

On Luka’s website,, he writes:

‘You Survive’ ‘You Survive’ 

‘You Survive’ is a story of survival in the face of a possible ending of one’s life. It came to me from a friend in West Cork, who bravely shared with me her story. She also suggested I needed to write a song, as there is such an epidemic of people ending their lives in Ireland these days. Having heard her story, I decided to write a song about survival and love. A song about reaching out; hanging in.
Not an easy song to write, or to get right. I loved recording it with Brian Masterson; love the strings and Frankie Lane’s sublime pedal steel playing.
Mia Mullarkey had filmed a nice video for Dignity and Backbone last summer. 
I invited her to do a film for another song. She chose You Survive. I was surprised and delighted. I asked her to do what she felt, and left her at it. My only condition was that I not be in it. Just singing the song in the background.
Mia is a great artist with a great heart. I love the way she films. In this little film, she has felt all the lonesomeness of the song, as well as the love and determination. And brought this to the screen with the grace and goodness in her nature.
I never ‘plug’ my songs in any big way. I just let them off and whatever happens happens. But I really hope people see and hear this. 
And if it shines a little light in one person’s darkness then it’s job is done.


Gwen Orel
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The only New York journalist who writes for both the Forward and Irish Music Magazine.