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How It’s New York:  The Saw Doctors have a big following in New York, and have played here several times.
How It’s Irish: The band are from the West of Ireland, and this is Irish rock.

Mike Farragher on the continuing saga of The Saw Doctors– he can’t believe it’s been 25 years for this group, but says he finds himself “falling in love with these songs” again– and that it’s good for the soul!

Has it really been 25 years since The Saw Doctors broke out of Tuam and conquered the world? If you are in denial, don’t bother picking up 2525, the band’s new compilation CD. It serves as a painful reminder that time does march on!
Then again, perusing the track list and falling in love with these songs from the west of Ireland all over again is good for the soul and you quickly find yourself acknowledging that the band’s best years—and perhaps your own–are still in front of you. Of course, it helps that this band has had a heart transplant in the form of Rickie O’Neill, the 21 year-old drummer whose ferocious rhythm drives the auld fellas into peak performances that have produced some of this legendary live band’s best shows! 

Of course, signature tunes like “n17” and “Tommy K,” and “To Win Just Once” are here on 2525, but the lads from Tuam have some new goodies baked into this retrospective as well!  

Their new chart busting singles “Downtown” with Petulia Clark is there, as is their tribute to Irish president and friend Michael D. Higgins, “Michael D. Rocking in the Dail.” They offer a revamped version of “I Hope You Meet Again,” an acapella version version of “Red Cortina,” rare live tracks, and about 16 minutes of commentary from the band as they stroll down Memory Lane. The Itunes price for all this is a paltry $9.99, a true bargain for such an amazing body of music! 

The band is celebrating this quarter century milestone by throwing a party on the road this March, with stops at Atlantic City’s Borgata on March 9, Asbury Park’s Stone Pony on March 14, Boston’s House of Blues on March 15, and Philadelphia’s TLA on St. Patrick’s Day. 

These lads jam gigs into their schedule as the tour draws nearer, so log onto for the latest information and keep it peeled to this space with an interview with the lads about the long, strange trip it has been! 
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