How it’s New York: Finding one’s roots is a popular pastime not only for those of Irish descent but for all immigrants, particularly in New York, the home of Ellis Island and before that Castle Garden.
How it’s Irish: 2013 is the year of The Gathering, as Candice Walsh explains. It’s a great time to research your heritage and find your way back home.


Pages and pages of dead people: The search for my Irish ancestry (via Matador Network)

I envisioned my family research going like this. I’d collect a few names, then trace my roots straight back to the Irish town from where they came. I’d easily locate long lost relatives, and then form a lifelong bond with them. I had visions of me showing up to tea at a brick cottage with my dear…

Gwen Orel
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The only New York journalist who writes for both the Forward and Irish Music Magazine.