How it’s New York: Don O’Neill lives in New York, and shows there too.WWD-5-23-13
How it’s Irish: Don is a Kerryman

We’ve written about Irish fashion designer Don O’Neill before: he’s dressed Oprah at the Academy Awards, among others, and now has a dress on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily. Don runs THEIA,

Lucy Healy-Kelly interviewed Don and attended a show in 2011. Don explained the name to her then:

Says O’Neill; ”I was given the option to put my own name on the label and I started to go through mythology  – I went through Irish mythology but I knew they just wouldn’t be able to pronounce it!” Turning instead to Greek mythology, O’Neill was drawn to Theia.

The double duchess satin citron cocktail dress featured is from the Fall 2013 collection.

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