How it’s New York: Before moving to Alabama John Whelan was a regular in the Tri-State scene. One of the inventors of Concert Window, Dan concertwindow1Gurney, is a regular here and an award-winning box player. Bluegrass fiddler Forrest O’Connor runs the site with him.
How it’s Irish: John plays Irish trad, and Concert Window is making Irish trad gigs available to anybody with a computer. (and other music as well.

Dan Neely wrote about Concert Window last September, describing it this way:

Concert Window is inexpensive and intuitive to use, and is similar to the product offered by LiveTrad, an Ireland-based company that presents traditional music concerts online.  However, while LiveTrad is generally special event-oriented, Concert Window has developed a network of high quality venues around the US which allows them to feature several shows a week and offer concerts either on a single-show basis or through an unlimited monthly subscription.

Two-thirds of Concert Window’s revenue goes to venues and artists, a duty which the company itself handles.  They have also simplified and automated the process of making venues webcast-ready (all that is required at the venue is an ordinary internet connection).  Gurney explains that the more Concert Window can handle on its end, the greater their product’s value is to venues, artists and fans.

Now, Dan Gurney tells me, the site has a function where any musician can play a show right into their laptop.

John Whelan is doing one today from Alabama. Here’s the link.

602040_641726805837570_893153749_nJohn writes:

This format is the future of music and, most importantly, an avenue for folk and world music performers around the world TO BE HEARD AND SUPPORTED. I ask that you share this post to get the word out to all who would prefer an alternative to commercial music culture.
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