How it’s New York: It’s one year after Sandy, and those of us in NY/NJ still shudder.sandytree
How it’s Irish: The Rockaways were devastated, as was Spring Lake, the “The Irish Riviera.”

Last year this is how my street looked. The day of the hurricane, I was able to work for The Montclair Times out of the office of The Millburn Item, which is just a few blocks from my house. The wind was so strong it took me half an hour to walk there. That night I live-blogged the news on FaceBook until we lost power. The next day, I literally could not get out. So here it is one year later, and The Star-Ledger has done a round-up on how we’re getting ready for it this year.

In 2011, we hadsnowtober2 “Snow-Tober,” or snow on Halloween. Some neighborhoods had wires down, so we had SUV-loads of kids being carted to our neighborhood, which still had power– and candy!

So in 2013– we’re understandably nervous!




Treat or tempest: N.J. awaits Halloween, haunted by two years of cursed weather (via

Halloween or hurricane? Nocturnal treats — or nor’easter? Given the weather events of the last two years, it’s hard for New Jerseyans not to wonder whether Halloween will happen at all. Hurricane Sandy, which made landfall last Oct. 29, was scary…

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