How it’s New York: It’s still winter here in NY/NJ, despite a warm day on Tuesday for St. Patrick’s Day.marchsnow
How it’s Irish: Yet more reason to huddle inside and listen to some angelic music…

Subscriber Ed Broderick sent along a lovely poem this morning, capturing the sentiments of the disappointed tri-staters who are longing for spring… but we have to admit it’s lovely, with the right music in the background.

We recommend Danú’s new CD, Buan, with the gorgeous singing of Muireann Nic Am Amhlaoibh. “Bheir mo Dhuchracht” captures a mellow pensiveness that feels right for winter encroaching on daffodils trying to sprout.

seems only a few days ago I was doing this... oh wait it was

seems only a few days ago I was doing this… oh wait it was

First Flake of Spring

Getting to be that time of year
Through the trees your view is clear
The moon can only hide behind a cloud
While the wind still whistles loud
You sense deep within your soul
A feat of nature will soon unfold
When the breeze dies and all is still
Tis then you may feel an eerie chill

The strange quiet of the nightmuireannclose
Alerts us all to nature’s might
Then upon your brow a drop so small
Not sure if it happened at all
Till another few land on your skin
Yes it is time for winter to begin
to END





Gwen Orel
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The only New York journalist who writes for both the Forward and Irish Music Magazine.