How it’s New York: Kevin Dundon’s new show is airing on WLIW, presented by WNET. Also, in the New York area, we have easy access to the fresh foods Kevin says make all the difference.
How it’s Irish: Kevin is from Wexford, and he’s a fan and an expert on the best of Irish cooking. Food in Ireland is great these days… yet another reason to go!

Kevin Dundon is back for his second PBS series, “Kevin Dundon’s Back to Basics,” which begins airing on Friday, March 13. In the show, he will take the viewer from poaching an egg to mastering a soufflé and more. “Back to Basics” follows his first series, the acclaimed “Modern Irish Food,” and PBS is showing a marathon of them both on Saturday, March 14, and on Sunday, March 15. For recipes and more on Kevin, visit More information can be found at The featured tune is from Cape Breton fiddleer, Gillian Head, from her new CD, “Spirit.”

Kevin Dundon PR Photo 2015

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