How it’s New York: Took Place at City Winery at Manhattan
How it’s Irish: Northern Irish Singer/Songwriter Paul Brady


Sometimes a wonderful show comes along when you least expect it.  I had Paul Brady on the brain, having just returned from a weekend of folk music in the Catskills.  One of the performers there, a wonderful American traditional musician named Jeff Davis, was talking about Paul Brady and even played a few songs he had learned from him.

To my surprise I discovered that he was playing at City Winery on Tuesday night and I rushed to contact our Editor in Chief  to snag the opportunity to review it.  And I was not disappointed.  The years have mellowed Paul’s voice like the fine vintages served at this fantastic venue.

Paul Brady @City Winery

Closing in on 70 years old, he hasn’t lost any of the vigor and energy evidenced in his guitar playing and his raspy clarinet of a voice is just as bright and clear!  His setlist included old faves: The World Is What You Make It, Busted Loose, Nobody Knows, I Want To Take You To The Island and some newer material: Unfinished Business and Hardest Time.

Paul peppered the show with stories of his early days with the Johnstons and playing at the iconic Meeting Place venue on Dorset Street in Dublin.  Always a great storyteller he kept the crowd rapt right up to the end when he finished with his legendary hit Arthur McBride.

Such a wonderful delight to see someone whose talent and realism remain intact and who can still keep us completely entertained all the way through the gig, leaving us wanting much, much more!

On leaving the venue a second surprise was waiting as we discovered that among the fans was the one and only Harry Belafonte who remarked upon leaving that it was a remarkable show.  Takes a legend to know one.

Paul returns to Ireland where he will receive the National Concert Hall Lifetime Achievement Award on November 20th and will play a concert in Stroud England with up-and-coming Dublin band Lynched, Cara Dillon and Michael McGoldrick on December 18th.  You can find more info here at Paul Brady Tour Dates



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