How it’s New York: Honor Molloy is one of the best-known, most-respected Irish actresses in New York today.
How it’s Irish: A native of Dublin, Honor is one of the city’s greatest dramatic exports.

Dublin-born, and somewhat raised, but bred and partly buttered in Pennsylvania, Honor Molloy is a tireless writer, performer and dare we say it, activist, who has worked extensively on both sides of the Atlantic for some years. Incidentally, that’s the east and west side, not the north and south ones, but sure, you knew that. She has been seen at Beal Bocht (The Bronx), reading the work of Samuel Beckett, with several other leading lights of the New York arts scene. Although she’s come up with many amusing quotations over the years, one of our favorites is a line of hers from her autobiographical novel ‘Smarty Girl’.

Legends of Irish Wit #83: Honor Molloy: “Miss Dazzo has on fishnet stockings. She catches fishes with her legs”.






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