A renaissance maid, with a modern purse. GWEN OREL/FOR NYIA


How it’s New York: The Ren Faire is just a couple of hours from NYC.

Camels are a popular attraction at Faire. GWEN OREL/FOR NYIA

How it’s Irish: The Ren Faire has an auld English and to some extent Irish flavor at all times. This weekend it heats that up with Celtic weekend.

This weekend is the final weekend of the Faire!

Never been? It’s kind of like medieval cosplay. You can rent a costume if you don’t own one, and it’s also OK not to wear one at all. I geta kick out of seeing wenches and pirates lined up at the ATM, a medieval princess carrying a pink backpack.

This weekend is the Faire’s final weekend! Here’s what they write:

Whether you long for the Highlands of Scotland or the green fields of Ireland, you’re invited to break out your favorite kilt, your naughtiest limericks, and your most heartfelt toasts. Enjoy Celtic music, contests, and children’s games both days!

Music and Dance
Sing and dance along to Celtic tunes throughout the Shire!


The Freestylers of Piping

Bagpipes are so much more than Amazing Grace! Feast your ears on the creative improvisations that flow through the familiar tunes of The Freestylers of Piping and you’ll never think of pipes the same way again. 
The Jackdaws
The Jackdaws deliver original, contemporary, and traditional Irish Rock to audiences across the land. This innovative trio will have you coming back for more with their driving melodies and lyrics.


Matt Young – The Pride of Ireland
Singing songs that are Irish, and songs that wish they were Irish. From rousing pub tunes to ballads charged with emotion, the Pride of Ireland will keep you clapping your hands and raising your glasses!
The Royal Pipers
This group, composed of the popular pipers Larry Cole, Christa Patton, and Peter Walker, perform pavannes and other precious pieces for your particular pleasure!
Lochanside –  A Scottish music duo, formed by Charles & Suzanne Terhune, that began performing in 1992. Their repertoire includes original Scottish music,  as well as standard Scottish instrumental and vocal music. Their unique brand of musical styles, arrangements, humor, and exciting stage persona, as well as their many recordings, have kept Lochanside an ever present force in the Celtic world of music.



Participants in the Kids’ Highland games, along with props for the (foam, thank goodness!) Hammer Toss. COURTESY NY REN FAIRE

Special  Events:
Best Knees in a Kilt contest, 3:30 pm at The Blue Boar Inn!
Have you got the prettiest patellas or the handsomest hamstrings in the land?
Don your finest kilt and let the world see ’em! 


A girl gets her hair braided. GWEN OREL/FOR NYIA

Kids’ Highland Games on the Chessboard, 2:30 pm

Highland Games for Kids!Dress your wee’un in their finest highland regalia and let ’em loose in our special Highland Games shrunk down for the Wee Bairns (that’s “little kids” in American!)

Box Office Tickets
Adult: $29.95 (ages 13 & up)
Child: $13.00 (ages 5-12)
Children 4 & younger FREE
Tickets and coupons at http://renfair.com/ny/
FINAL WEEKEND Saturday and  Sunday September 29 & 30, 2018
10:00 am – 7:00 p.m.

Leather belts hand tooled, at HAWK. GWEN OREL/FOR NYIA

A leather belt from HAWK. GWEN OREL/FOR NYIA

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