How it’s New York:  Catskills Irish Arts Week is a must for lovers of Irish traditional arts in the New York area. This is its 25th anniversary!
How it’s Irish: It’s right there in the title! But on top of that, there are a lot of Irish instructors of music and dance and storytelling who come for the week.

We talk to Reidin O’Flynn, director of the week; listen in on talks from Mick Moloney and Eva McMannus of the McNiff Irish Dancers, visit classes from Mary Courtney, Athena Tergis, Oliver O’Connell, and talk with Dermot McGrath, too.

Featured Tune: “Farewell to the Catskills,” from Cherish the Ladies.

Gwen Orel
About the Author

The only New York journalist who writes for both the Forward and Irish Music Magazine.