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Young actors steal scenes in glorious New York ‘coming of age’ flick, co-starring Molly Ringwald as put-upon, fed-up, loving Mom…. How it’s New York: Set...

‘Obey’, a stirring British film that crushes one’s spirits and raises one’s hopes. How it’s New York: ‘Obey’ had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. How...

Michael Fitzpatrick remembers Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries, who "assisted a generation to tackle its demons."

Mike Fitzpatrick finds the dcoumentary 'The Public Image is Rotten', is a new departure with regards to the career of John Lydon and his cohorts.

Mike Fitzpatrick finds "Pilgrimage" a rare, box-ticking, dramatic action movie-- set in the 13th century.

'Emerald City' just might be the independent movie that this generation of moviegoers, emigrants and yes, construction workers, has been waiting for.

"New York City: a Shining Mosaic" makes Mike Fitzpatrick think about what New York and the Immigrant have offered one another over the years.

Mike Fitzpatrick reviews Conal Creedon's "The Cure," and finds Mellamphy's portrayal of John Murphy, a washed-up, broken-down and burnt-out survivor of Cork's...

Fifteen Years Later

Mike Fitzpatrick recalls 9/111 and where he was, 15 years later.

Michael Fitzpatrick quotes one of his favorite lines from author Honor Molloy.

Mike Fitzpatrick reviews Russell Brand's documentary "The Emperor's New Clothes," shown at the Tribeca Festival, and finds it outrageous and funny social...

Mike Fitzpatrick interviews rocker Mark Geary and discovers Geary's inner Count of Monte Cristo.

You know if you're Irish. Here's how to tell if your partner is... hint... you know what "manky" means.

Does Bob Geldof like Mondays after all? Michael Fitzpatrick has a scoop!