Sailing the sea is perilous, in Ireland or in Philadelphia. John Kearns shares his short story "Tulip Street," set in Philadelphia.

A poem by Ed Broderick captures the mood of the moment.

Beckett is funnier read aloud-- and three Dubliners are doing that on Saturday, March 15, at 4 p.m.

John Kearns and Maura Mulligan read from their works in Westport last summer.

Tony Horswill finds Peter Quinn's "Dry Bones" a "gripping web of historical detail and intrigue.

What if Jonathan Swift, satirist and patriot, roamed Dublin today? Liam Swift wonders, in this original poem.

How it’s New York: Just a short hop over from JFK to Shannon. How it’s Irish: Oscar Wilde! If you ever go across the sea to Ireland…now would be a good time to...

Happy Bloomsday! Some events going on today, a gorgeous sunshiney June one.

Orla O'Sullivan reports on Taoiseach Enda Kenny's comments about St. Patrick's Day controversy, at Irish Arts Center's Book Day in March.

How it’s New York: It’s a literary love fest in Greenwich Village launching Eamon Loingsigh’s “Light of the Diddicoy,” a gripping novel set in a very pre-hipster...

Bruce Springsteen scholar and sometime "Backstreets" photographer Matt Orel reviews Debra Rothenberg's "Bruce Springsteen in Focus: 1980-2012:" "We get to see...

Chris Brosnan is creating graphic novels about Finn McCool.

Want to find a great Irish pub in America? Check out this book.

"Happy Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Up the Republic! Buy the book!" Peter Quinn's "Dry Bones" launch party at the residence