Kafka Translated

In Michelle Woods' new book "Kafka Translated," she looks at Franz's Irish connection, his humor, and finds that Kafka himself was a re-interpreter.

Philomena Connors finds the latest "Pen, Paper and Palate," which focuses on biography, a bit of an uneven dish.

A Maeve Brennan walk shows the writer in her place; "Maeve's House" shows more the actor thinking about her.

Author Angela Alaimo O'Donnell, in her own words.

All this and Kafka too: Kevin Holohan riffs on Flann O'Brien's Keats and Chapman and brings Prague too.

John Cooper describes an etching of Oscar Wilde by James Edward Kelly,

A new book about Oscar Wilde and his many writings about fashion is available from author and scholar John Cooper. The book looks closely at Wilde's writings...

Giant penises made by the artist Judith Bernstein as discussed by Ann McCoy, and two random appearances by the Cell’s dog, Harry, were moments that stood out...

Irish American Writers & Artists Treasurer and Salon Producer John Kearns will be reading from his own works and giving a talk about the Molly Maguires in...

This week's appearances and shows of Artists Without Walls members Barbara Rick, Marni Rice, Honor Finnegan, Colin Broderick and the members of AWoW at a...

John Kearns reports on an Irish American Writers and Artists Salon event in Philadelphia!

Martha Pinson describes her grandmother's story, in Artists Without Walls

Kevin Holohan gives us "Bloomsday Twiterature," wherein, he writes, "we finally catch sight of the bauld Stephen Daedalus.

Bloomsday is Sunday, June 16! What will you be doing? See you at Ulysses!