Celtic Nations

Jonathan Levin in 'A Hunger Artist' may be the best solo performance of the year.

Ray Foley caught a rare performance of Donovan at the Cutting Room last week.

Mark Butler catches the star-studded Jimmy Webb tribute at Carnegie Hall, a benefit for the Alzheimer's Association and the I'll Be Me Foundation: "Jimmy...

John Cooper visits a new bar called Dorian Gray, quaffs the namesake brew, and names the literary figures on the walls.

Mike Fitzpatrick finds the dcoumentary 'The Public Image is Rotten', is a new departure with regards to the career of John Lydon and his cohorts.

Suze Sylvester finds "The Trip to Spain" at Tribeca Film Festival fun, but light.

Gwen Orel talks to Wils Wilson about the brilliant piece by David Grieg, "The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart." Alice Farrell talks to actor Peter Halpin...

"The Present" intrigues but is ultimately a let-down: lots of wrapping.

Gwen Orel: "The Tempest" at St. Ann's Warehouse illuminates justice and redemption

Burns Night, says Thomas Burt, is "a rallying point for a diaspora hard pressed to find rallying points." He talks to us about Burns Night Suppers.

Gorgeous CDs by Tom Dunne's friends from competition days - Seamus Walshe, Patsy Moloney and John Regan.

Suze Sylvester describes exciting tennis from Scotsman Andy Murray at the U.S. Open this past week.

Tony Horswill and Kevin Crawford dissect some of the "lunacy" of Growing Up Trad

Alice Farrell says Christmas came early at the Lúnasa concert with Karan Casey!