Celtic Nations

A rave from Alice Farrell about Declan O'Rourke's "From Neuve Chappelle to New York" World War I show at Irish Arts Center.

Erin Roll takes us through some of the Celtic traditions of Halloween! Punky Night?

Gwen Orel talks to Conor Lovett about Gare St. Lazare's "Waiting for Godot," and Alice Farrell talks to Mike Farragher about "A Devilish Pint." Tune from Iona...

Jenifer Hopkins refuses to use the word "fusion" about an enthralling concert with Zakir Hussain of India and Celtic musicians at Carnegie Hall this past March.

Someone has to be queen. Helen Mirren shines as Queen Elizabeth II in "The Audience."

Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock inspires awebin Suze Sylvester-- and others!

Suze Sylvester goes to a screening of "Advanced Style" and finds more ammunition to defeat mean Milennials.

Suze Sylvester talks to Simon Doonan, writer and filmmaker, and discovers he loves... paddle-boarding and Perry Como.

Though not a fan of the vampire genre, after seeing Let The Right One In, Philomena Connors thinks the underlying story is so strong that when the...

Alice Farrell talks to fiddler Lisa Gutkin about the trad and gorgeous music in Sting's "The Last Ship."

Moira Buffini's adaptation of Nikolai Erdman's "The Suicide," here called "Dying for It," makes suicide funny, if not painless.

Tony Horswill finds inspiration and enthusiasm at The Trip to Birmingham TradFest!

"The Pipes of Christmas," featuring the bard from "Outlander," are coming to town!

Gwen Orel recalls the first Irish music she ever heard ... and how it changed her life.