Philomena Connors loved the charming Oscar nominated Song of the Sea and found the music, the humor and beautiful imagery a perfect introduction to ancient...

Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock inspires awebin Suze Sylvester-- and others!

Suze Sylvester goes to a screening of "Advanced Style" and finds more ammunition to defeat mean Milennials.

Suze Sylvester talks to Simon Doonan, writer and filmmaker, and discovers he loves... paddle-boarding and Perry Como.

Philomena Connors attended The Craic Festival shorts, and found them fresh, dark, and funny, despite organizational issues with the Festival itself.

The Craic Fest begins tonight, March 5, snow or no snow!

Tpm Vaughan-Lawlor sizzles as he paints the pictures of the joy riding, violent and even sexy exploits of Howie and his cohorts in Mark O'Rowe's "Howie the...

Tony Horswill finds Peter Quinn's "Dry Bones" a "gripping web of historical detail and intrigue.

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John Hackett reviews "Misconception," a documentary about population growth in the Tribeca Film Festival. His verdict? "Out of focus."

Philomena Connors finds 'The Bachelor Weekend' a welcome change from the general milieu of Irish movies that make it across the ocean.

Farewell, Peter O’Toole

Farewell, Peter O'Toole, inspiration for Francis Crawford of Lymond by Dorothy Dunnett, and one of the world's most interesting actors.

Philomena Connors reviews her namesake Philomena and finds it a deeply emotional tale, which is heartbreaking, funny and angrifying.

Philomena Connors reviews "George Mitchell: My Journey's End" abou a return trip to Northern Ireland after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998,...