The Last Days of Cleopatra

A pitch black comedy set in Dublin … Can a family that dance together, stay together? 

Forgiveness, funny one that, someone kicks you in the head and you’re supposed to forgive them, cos that’ll make ye feel better, make it all go away, make everything Hunky-Dory! But what happens them? Get out a Jail Free card, move on, no bother, SmileyFace… You’re just Roadkill, What?  But here, how d’ye forgive yourself… if ye can’t… forget?

The highly anticipated new play from the writer of the NY Times Critic’s pick OFF Broadway comedy hit, FOR LOVE.




Georganne Aldrich Heller presents the world premier of The Last Days of Cleopatra. Directed by the multi talented Tim Ruddy. The cast reunites 1st Irish Best Actor Winner Mick Mellamphy and Best Actress Winner Laoisa Sexton. The play also features Kenneth Ryan and Kevin Marron.

Laoisa Sexton’s first play FOR LOVE premiered Off Broadway at the Irish Repertory Theatre in 2013, she received rave reviews for her moving performance and for her writing. It played to packed houses in New York, and received its European premiere at the UK City of Culture, and went on to a sell-out tour of six theaters across Ireland.

Her writing has been described as brave, refreshing, bold, sexy, salty, smart,  disarming, energetic, gut wrenchingly sad, hysterically funny, honest, courageous and highly crafted. Her characters drawn straight from life are messy, flawed, dark and authentic. The Irish Voice called her writing “the strongest debut play by an Irish writer in decades” .

“For Love, is a riotously tart and fiercely energetic production… a portrait of women struggling in recession-ravaged Dublin… the play plunges straight into Ireland’s fraught urban present… pungent, expletive-laden dialogue, delivered in the taut cadences of the north Dublin suburbs… Ireland’s economic state hovers like a dark cloud over the proceedings…”  NY TIMES

 “Contemporary Dublin oozes from the pores of Sexton’s impressive script… The production comes with a purpose, certainly, but it doesn’t sacrifice drama. Moreover, it represents a change of pace for the stage. It might reflect a form of female emancipation, but it is proactive in the liberation of theatre.” THE SUNDAY TIMES

“Sexton’s straight from Irish life language, her preoccupation with how sex can reveal our deeper nature, and her awareness that a moment of well timed humor can defuse almost any situation, marks her out as a new star of the Irish theater, and is a welcome rejoinder to the increasingly almost all-male world of Irish highly produced playwriting” IRISH CENTRAL

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