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Trump read an Irish proverb he's "heard for years." Who trolled him into reading a Nigerian poem?

"New York City: a Shining Mosaic" makes Mike Fitzpatrick think about what New York and the Immigrant have offered one another over the years.

"Rise Up Singing: Women in the Labor Movement" was both entertaining and educational in a program produced by the CUNY Institute of Irish-Aemrican Studies and...

This week's appearances and shows of Artists Without Walls members Barbara Rick, Marni Rice, Honor Finnegan, Colin Broderick and the members of AWoW at a...

Artists Without Walls and Ethiopian Street Children's Project fundraiser tonight: cocktails for a cause.

Martha Pinson describes her grandmother's story, in Artists Without Walls

A special and unique collaboration has begun between the Irish Folk singer Mary McPartlan and Jazz pianist Bertha Hope, one of the great exponents of the jazz...

Charles R. Hale talks to playwright Guen Donohue, for an Artists Without Walls Spotlight!

Charles Hale reviews the latest from Artists without Walls. The next showcase is on April 25!