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Stephen Rea captivates in "Cyprus Avenue," as an Ulster unionist who believes his grandbaby is Gerry Adams.

The award winning flash fiction piece which then became  an award winning one act play The Long Wet Grass as part of The McGowan Trilogy (Produced by the...

Darrah Carr reports back on the New York- New Belfast conference held in June, where loads of NYC's Irish culture movers and shakers turned up to speak.

Suze Sylvester talks to Simon Doonan, writer and filmmaker, and discovers he loves... paddle-boarding and Perry Como.

The Economist asks: "If Scotland votes for independence in a referendum due to be held in September 2014, what would happen to Northern Ireland?"

Orla O'Sullivan finds that "The Boat Factory," about the men who built boats in Belfast, evokes a way of life with poetry and humour. The play runs at 59E59...

President Obama and his family are off to Ireland

Seamus Scanlon's short story collection, "As Close As You'll Ever Be," is too close for comfort.

How It’s New York: The plays are written by a New York rock legend (Larry Kirwan) and a City College professor (Seamus Scanlon), it’s playing in a cool...