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Voices from Catksills Irish Arts Week 2018, as CIAW 2019 is about to begin: listen in on talks, classes, interviews. Featured tune from Cherish the Ladies!

Congratulations to Joanie Madden, named winner of the 2018 Eugene O'Neill Lifetime Achievement Award by Irish American Writers & Artists!

New York Tradfest this weekend!

Fresh from the Catskills, Sligo’s Michael Rooney will be at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival in New Jersey. He’ll be teaching during the day and performing Friday...

Gwen Orel decides on the Catskills 2017 tune of the summer. Or three.

Gwen Orel talks to Catskills Irish Arts Week musicians, director, founder and student.

"Dancing at the Crossroads" by Kevin Ferguson is on PBS tonight, Sept. 4- don't miss this wonderful glimpse at the Emerald Isle of New York. (and if you do...

Gwen Orel recalls receiving a tune from the Good Folk in the Catksills during the summer of 2015.

Andy Lamy's 'The New Blackthorn Stick' shows that clarinet plays in tune with Irish trad. Why not?

Gwen Orel recalls the first Irish music she ever heard ... and how it changed her life.

A preview of Catskills Irish Arts Week 2014, with Artistic Director Reidin O'Flynn!

A preview of this week's Catskills Irish Arts Week, and interview with Artistic Director Reidin O'Flynn: save the dates, July 15-20, 2013.

Meet The Yanks: four great young trad players from America, stars in their own right, and grand together.

How It’s New York: Caitlín Nic Gabhann has become a Catskills Irish Arts Week regular, and that is a place that attracts great NY players. Right after CIAW,...