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New writer Shani Friedman sees Des Bishop at Caroline's on Broadway, and found it a 'fantastically funny time.'

Philomena Connors enjoyed a night of romance with Declan O'Rourke at the Irish Arts Center on Valentine's weekend.

Three contributors to New York Irish Arts read from their work and from the work of famous writers!

You know if you're Irish. Here's how to tell if your partner is... hint... you know what "manky" means.

What if Jonathan Swift, satirist and patriot, roamed Dublin today? Liam Swift wonders, in this original poem.

Izzy Kamikaze talks about the true history of Dublin Pride-- and talks about Northwest Pride.

President Obama and his family are off to Ireland

How It’s New York: The plays are written by a New York rock legend (Larry Kirwan) and a City College professor (Seamus Scanlon), it’s playing in a cool...

Honor Molloy kissing Nelson at the Dublin City Library and Archive How It’s NY: Honor Molloy will launch her book Smarty Girl: Dublin Savageat the...