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Sephira cuts a rug

Erin Roll talks with Ruth and Joyce O'Leary, the vocalist and violinist sisters who make up the duo Sephira.

"The Hunger" is a haunting, unsettling look at the Irish famine, with the powerful vocals of Katherine Manley and Iarla O Lionaird, and the music of Alarm Will...

NYIA contributor Erin Roll - a high school student on Sept. 11 - shares her memories of the attacks and aftermath.

Going into its 20th anniversary, the latest Riverdance tour feels as lively and energetic as it did when the dancers first thundered and soft-shoed their way...

Erin Roll takes us through some of the Celtic traditions of Halloween! Punky Night?

Erin Roll finds Anne Enright's "The Green Road" powerful, almost Tolstoy-esque.