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On a windy New York Friday night there was nothing better than being enveloped in the fiery tunes pouring forth from Lúnasa on their 20th Anniversary tour at...

 Childsplay return to SymphonySpace tonight, Nov. 18, 2016, so we thought we’d republish this piece. Karan Casey sings!   How It’s New York:  Childsplay are...

Alice Farrell says Christmas came early at the Lúnasa concert with Karan Casey!

Solas are getting ready to record a 20th-anniversary reunion CD. Help fund it on Kickstarter!

Irish Arts Center is profiled on NYC-ARTS tonight, Thursday, May 23

Karan Casey and Aoife O'Donovan paired up for the latest Masters in Collaboration. Where's the album?

Author/playwright Colm Tóibín talked about "Testament of Mary," the anguished mother, living in New York and Dublin.