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Suze Sylvester attends the Tribeca Film movie "The Lovers," and finds it a "screwball comedy of a valentine."

Suze Sylvester finds "The Trip to Spain" at Tribeca Film Festival fun, but light.

Suze Sylvester recalls where she was on 9/11.

Suze Sylvester describes exciting tennis from Scotsman Andy Murray at the U.S. Open this past week.

Did you know? Brussels sprouts are the new cabbage!

Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock inspires awebin Suze Sylvester-- and others!

Suze Sylvester talks to Simon Doonan, writer and filmmaker, and discovers he loves... paddle-boarding and Perry Como.

Suze Sylvester reviews Wendy Beckett's "Love Therapy," which runs at the DR2 Theatre until Saturday, May 25.

Suze Sylvester talks with Alison Fraser, two-time Tony nominee, about her performance in Wendy Beckett's "Love Therapy," which runs at the DR2 Theatre through

How it’s New York: we here in the Empire State like to take a glance at the annual LA-LA Land fête. Natalie Wood and Tab Hunter at the 28th Academy...

How It’s New York:  Three out of five of the performers live in the New York area.  Joanie Madden said it is her home, she could never leave it!  (listen...