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Gorgeous CDs by Tom Dunne's friends from competition days - Seamus Walshe, Patsy Moloney and John Regan.

Andy Lamy's 'The New Blackthorn Stick' shows that clarinet plays in tune with Irish trad. Why not?

On St. Patrick's Day, you want a GOOD pint. Here is a list of's best Irish pubs in New Jersey.

Chief O'Neill's Mixed Flock plays proto-trad-proto-Braoque music.

Tony Horswill looks at ITM, Irish Traditional Music, in Birmingham.

Session at The Spotted Dog. Do you see Tony? How It’s New York: Tony Horswill is a beloved figure in music in the tristate; he leads the Cat and...

How It’s New York:  It’s New Jersey and St. James’ Gate is a comfortable friendly pub.  The tri-state area thing is so New York!  And lots of good players from...